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Seoul, Korea – 01/15/2024 – (SeaPRwire) – Curiosis, a leading innovator in the Life Science sector, proudly announces the receipt of two prestigious R&D100 awards, marking a significant milestone in the company’s pioneering contributions to biotechnology. The esteemed award ceremony held on November 16, 2023, in San Diego witnessed Curiosis members receiving dual honors, marking a defining moment in the company’s history.

The R&D100 Awards commend Curiosis’ transformative innovations, specifically acknowledging the exceptional advancements achieved through the development of Celloger Mini Plus and Cellpuri.

Celloger Mini Plus, an automated live-cell imaging system, represents a monumental leap in cell-based research capabilities. It facilitates real-time monitoring and analysis of cellular transformations within controlled incubator environments, revolutionizing research practices.

Cellpuri, on the other hand, integrates an innovative cell concentration technology, eliminating the reliance on conventional centrifugation methods. This solution streamlines processes, enhancing efficiency and accuracy in cellular research.

“Receiving not only one but two R&D100 awards mark a defining moment for Curiosis, a testament to our unwavering dedication in driving transformative progress within biotechnology,” emphasized Youngho Park, Research and Development Director at Curiosis Inc. “Celloger Mini Plus and Cellpuri stand as embodiments of our relentless pursuit of innovative research methodologies, setting new standards for innovation.”

The receipt of the R&D100 awards further solidifies Curiosis’ standing as a frontrunner in life sciences. Looking ahead, Curiosis aims to leverage these achievements to foster collaborations, accelerate research initiatives, and amplify its impact in addressing critical challenges within the biotechnology landscape.

For comprehensive insights into Curiosis, Celloger Mini Plus, and Cellpuri, visit to explore these pioneering advancements.

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