betty July 19, 2021

SINGAPORE – Seniors are most at risk of developing serious symptoms from the Covid-19 virus and should get vaccinated as soon as possible, said the Ministry of Health (MOH).

Seniors can walk in to any vaccine centre for vaccinations or book appointments through the registration website, MOH said in a statement on Sunday night (July 18).

It added: “We also urge partially vaccinated individuals to bring forward their second dose appointments so they can be fully protected earlier.”

Seniors aged 70 and above were the first age group to be offered Covid-19 vaccinations, but have so far had the lowest take-up rate of about 70 per cent.

MOH said Singaporeans should continue to observe prevailing safe management measures, such as going to a doctor if they are feeling unwell and getting tested as early as possible if they feel ill – even if they have been vaccinated.

It added: “We have made significant progress in reopening and vaccinating the Singapore population since the start of this year and we must not lose our momentum.

“Any further steps towards reopening will only be possible if everyone stays vigilant, gets vaccinated and continues to adhere to the safe management measures.”


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