betty August 12, 2022

SINGAPORE – The dialects of a newborn’s parents, which were not reflected in digital birth certificates when they were issued from May 29, will be included from Sept 1 this year.

Parents who were issued these birth certificates between May 29 and Aug 31 can download them again from Sept 1 at no additional cost, the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) said on Friday (Aug 12).

More details will be issued later.

The change comes as several individuals had raised concerns that parents’ dialects were not included in new birth certificates.

“Information about the parents’ dialect continues to be registered by ICA, and is available in Singpass,” the agency said. Such information is collected when parents register their newborn online.

“However, we acknowledge the feelings that have been expressed on the matter. We have therefore decided to include parents’ dialect in digital birth certificates issued from Sept 1.”

The dialects of both the child’s father and mother will be included.

ICA added: “We should have made clear the reasons for not including the information on the parents’ dialect in the digital birth certificate, and that the information was still available in Singpass.”

Singapore replaced physical birth certificates with digital certificates from May 29, as part of the Government’s ongoing measures to digitalise services.

In a statement, the ICA said it had received several queries about the non-inclusion of parents’ dialects in the digital birth certificates.

The agency explained that several fields of information that were not necessary for policy and other administrative needs were not included in the digital birth certificate, to simplify the registration process, and to reduce the number of fields.

Besides parents’ dialects, the digital birth certificate also excluded information previously reflected on physical certificates.