betty August 9, 2022

SINGAPORE – Climate change is a global problem, but its impact is not felt by all countries the same way.

Singapore, for example, may be affected by some climate shifts more than other nations.

For one thing, the city’s urbanised environment is making it hotter than the global average. Singapore’s dependence on food imports also makes it vulnerable to global supply chain disruptions.

Still, the Republic is taking steps to deal with these vulnerabilities, with people and organisations in Singapore coming up with new innovations that can not only cushion the climate impacts on the country, but also help the nation cut its carbon footprint.

Some of these local solutions to global environmental challenges, such as climate change and biodiversity extinction, will be showcased in a new video series by The Straits Times.

Called Our Better Nature, the six-part series is hosted by ST environment correspondent Audrey Tan, and will be screened on ST’s website and social media channels.

The first episode, which airs on Tuesday (Aug 9), zooms in on how companies and researchers in Singapore are safeguarding the country’s food security through high-tech farming and by developing plant-based protein.

The other episodes will look at other ways the country is charting a more sustainable future under the Singapore Green Plan 2030.

These include, for instance, how Singapore is making its urban cityscape more conducive for the island’s other dwellers – native wildlife – and how innovations such as heat-reflective paint can help people in Singapore beat the heat.