betty August 4, 2022

SINGAPORE – A new orchid display at Gardens by the Bay’s Cloud Forest, showcasing more than 40 varieties of hybrids, opened on Thursday (Aug 4).

Titled Orchid Stories Of Singapore, it will run till Sept 4, and features both local and regional orchid hybrids whose lineages come from Singapore hybrids.

In addition to offering visitors a visual spectacle, the display also has a historical spin to it, featuring storyboards that describe Singapore’s history with orchids.

Visitors will be able to learn how orchid collection began as a pastime for the upper classes in the 1800s, and how this progressed to the peak of orchid cultivation in Singapore from the 1950s to the 1980s. By the late 1990s, orchid production had become a multi-million dollar industry here.

Minister for National Development Desmond Lee launched the event by planting a Vanda Miss Joaquim orchid.

Ms Siti Nurziana Yacob, assistant manager of the Research and Horticulture department at Gardens by the Bay, said: “Orchids are a part of Singapore’s heritage, and we hope that Singaporeans can be proud of the role that the flower has played in our history.”

Among the hybrids being displayed is the Aranda Noorah Alsagoff, bred by Mr Syed Yusof Alsagoff, 87, a renowned orchid hybridiser who has bred almost 200 hybrids to date.

The hybrid was registered in 1972 and belongs to the collection of Alsagoff Arandas, a well-known group of hybrid orchids that earned acclaim for Singapore in the region.