betty July 29, 2022

In recent years, demand for tech talent has spiked, surpassing supply and driving up salaries, making the profession one of the highest paid in Singapore. 

All industries have to leverage technology out of necessity, and many individuals with no tech background now wish to acquire one. However, many are held back by the risk of making an industry change amid financial commitments and time constraints.

In response to the need for an approachable way to learn tech skills, home-grown tech accelerator TechStarter has launched an exclusive partnership with US-based coding school Treehouse to bring its top-of-the-line coding and tech classes to Singapore. 

Treehouse offers hundreds of courses at a single flat fee that gives full access to high-definition, high-production video classes taught by its team of expert instructors. Tech mastery involves both learning and practice, so each subscription comes with quizzes, code challenges and a personalised coding workspace for practice

Treehouse’s signature pedagogy has helped thousands of individuals with zero tech background land high-paying tech jobs. One of the pioneers in online tech education, the prestigious brand has partnered with the likes of Nasa and HubSpot. Its graduates now work at places such as Nike, Adobe, Verizon and Airbnb.