betty July 20, 2022

SINGAPORE – Interpol red notices were issued against a couple who had gone missing while being investigated for allegedly failing to deliver luxury goods worth at least $32 million to their customers.

The police, announcing on Tuesday (July 19) that the notices, as well as warrants of arrests, have been issued, said they are working with their foreign counterparts to trace the 26-year-old man and his wife, 27.

Prior to their disappearance, the man was arrested on June 27, and his passport was impounded by the police before he was released on bail the next day.

His wife, understood to be a Thai national, surrendered her passport to the authorities on June 30.

The couple have been uncontactable since.

A 40-year-old Malaysian man was arrested and charged last Wednesday (July 13) over allegedly helping the couple leave Singapore on July 4.

So what is an Interpol red notice?

The Straits Times answers some of your questions about Interpol and how a red notice works.

Q: What is Interpol?

A: The International Criminal Police Organisation, commonly referred to as Interpol, is an inter-governmental organisation that helps facilitate cooperation among the law enforcement forces of its 195 member states.

Other than helping countries work together to fight transnational crimes like terrorism and cybercrimes, it also manages databases of information on crimes and criminals that member states can access.

The records on these databases include information on individuals such as names and fingerprints; stolen property such as passports and vehicles; and weapons criminals hold, such as firearms

While its headquarters is in Lyon, France, the Interpol Global Complex for Innovation was opened in Singapore in 2015. The complex, located in Napier Road, has a cutting-edge research and development facility for the identification of crimes and criminals, and a forensic laboratory, among other things.