betty August 15, 2022

SINGAPORE – Mr Thomas Cheng, who has been living in Braddell View since 2013, is concerned about the number of dengue cases in his estate.

The condominium is located in Braddell Hill, which is home to the largest dengue cluster in Singapore as at Friday (Aug 12), recording 481 cases since June.

All but one case in the cluster come from Braddell View and there have been 47 new cases in the cluster in the past two weeks as at last Friday.

Following the spike in cases, Mr Cheng on Wednesday told The Straits Times that he avoids areas with plants when he takes his two-year-old granddaughter on a walk around the estate, concerned about the number of mosquitoes lurking in the area.

Instead, they keep to the concrete void decks, and Mr Cheng applies a lot of mosquito repellent on his granddaughter when they go out.

At home, he keeps his windows closed and uses air-conditioning, and also sets mosquito traps daily.

Said the 64-year-old retired engineer: “It’s worrying when I see the number of cases displayed on the banner in the condo being changed so regularly.”

Since the start of the year, 24,039 dengue cases have been recorded as at last Friday, and there have been nine deaths due to local dengue infection as at June.

The worst outbreak was in 2020, when there were 35,315 cases and 28 deaths.

The dengue situation has hit very close to home for another Braddell View resident, a housewife who wanted to be known only as Madam Lucy.

The 63-year-old, who has been living in the estate for 20 years, said her husband had a dengue infection last month, though she was relieved that his symptoms were mild and he was able to recover fast.

She said officers from the National Environment Agency (NEA) have visited her flat thrice in the past two months to conduct checks, and she has also noticed officers from the statutory board fogging the community garden.

To protect herself when she walks around the estate with her dog three times a day, Madam Lucy applies mosquito repellent on herself.