betty June 24, 2022

SINGAPORE – A baby was found during a recent anti-drug operation by the Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB).

The nine-month-old boy was close to his mother, who had been abusing methamphetamine, also known as Ice.

In a Facebook post on Friday (June 24), CNB said the woman was the child’s sole caregiver.

“Living conditions were squalid and drug paraphernalia were found in the open,” said the post.

“Such scenes, though rare in Singapore, are a stark reminder that those who deal in drugs destroy lives.”

The baby was later brought back to the police station by officers who then provided childcare necessities like milk powder.

He has since been handed over to the Ministry of Social and Family Development as the abuser’s parents are unable to take care of him, while the abuser will be committed to the Drug Rehabilitation Centre, said CNB.

A photo of the scene shows a mattress on the floor of the unit, with rubbish, bottles and drug paraphernalia strewn around.

An empty baby rocker sits in a corner.

The number of drug abusers arrested last year fell to 2,724 from the 3,056 arrested in 2020. But CNB said this was likely due to restricted social interactions arising from Covid-19 measures.

About 34 per cent of those arrested were new abusers, of which 76 per cent were caught abusing methamphetamine.

The proportion of new drug abusers remains an area of concern for CNB, which said it will continue working closely with the community to keep Singapore drug-free.