betty July 21, 2022

SINGAPORE – The two navy servicemen who were caught on video last month posing as student volunteers to solicit donations from Housing Board residents had done so out of mischief under the influence of alcohol.

Both servicemen have expressed remorse over their actions, said the Ministry of Defence (Mindef) in a Facebook post on Thursday (July 21) on how it has completed its investigations into the incident.

The two men, who were caught on a resident’s video claiming to be “student volunteers” and asking for donations past midnight on June 25, were revealed to be navy regulars.

They had loitered outside flats smoking, and prepared what they would say before repeating the lie to a resident who opened her door.

The resident turned them away.

Mindef said: “The RSN (Republic of Singapore Navy) holds our service personnel to high standards of discipline and integrity, and expects them to be law-abiding citizens.

“The two servicemen were summarily trialled on July 20, 2022, and actions will be taken against them, which include financial penalties.”

It added that the police have looked into the case and will not be taking further action against the two servicemen.