betty December 3, 2021

SINGAPORE – Political observers on Thursday (Dec 2) described the Workers’ Party’s handling of Ms Raeesah Khan as a failure of leadership, after it emerged top party leaders had known about their MP’s deceit for three months, but did not set the record straight and let the issue fester. The episode could set back the […]

betty November 30, 2021

SINGAPORE – What will happen to the migrant worker community here after the Covid-19 pandemic blows over? That was the overriding concern that the families of the late Khoo Teck Puat and Ng Teng Fong had when they approached the Singapore Business Federation (SBF) Foundation early last year, with cash in hand and a desire […]

betty November 29, 2021

In land-scarce Singapore, space has always come at a premium. As Singapore’s first self storage provider, StorHub understands the concept of space as a resource and the perennial problem of finding enough space for things and activities we love, especially now that many people work from home and most of our time is spent within […]

betty November 10, 2021

Q. My 65-year-old father just received his Covid-19 booster shot. However, during a medical checkup, the doctor recommended that he be vaccinated against pneumococcal pneumonia as well due to his age. What is pneumococcal pneumonia and why should he get the vaccine?   Pneumococcal pneumonia is a lung infection caused by a bacteria called Streptococcus pneumoniae. Besides the […]

betty November 8, 2021

When he had first heard about The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU), Mr Sadman Sakib Rabbani couldn’t believe it was real at first. At the time, two years ago, he had been on a gap year to study for the public university entrance examinations in his country, starting the daily slog at 6am at a […]

betty November 7, 2021

SINGAPORE – A four-year-old boy whose breathing is being supported by mechanical ventilation in the children’s intensive care unit is one of four children in Singapore who developed a rare form of inflammatory syndrome linked to Covid-19. These four cases were among the 8,000 paediatric Covid-19 cases in Singapore since the start of the pandemic, said the Ministry of Health (MOH) […]