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HONG KONG, Jan 16, 2024 – (ACN Newswire via – CITIC Telecom International CPC Limited (“CITIC Telecom CPC”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of CITIC Telecom International Holdings Limited (SEHK: 1883) is pleased to announce INSYS icom has designated CITIC Telecom CPC as the handpicked partner to support INSYS icom’s expansion into the Asia and China markets. INSYS icom is leveraging the high performance and high reliability of TrueCONNECT(TM) Private Ethernet to support extended geographic coverage of its mission-critical connectivity services for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) devices, including in Mainland China. INSYS icom is also utilizing the SmartCLOUD(TM) cloud computing platform to safeguard localized IIoT data within borders, in compliance with stringent data sovereignty requirements.

INSYS icom designates CITIC Telecom CPC as selected partner for Asia and China Markets expansion and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) transformation

Secure communication and networking of data in industrial applications – that is the core competence of INSYS icom. With its intelligent and powerful hardware and software solutions (Managed Devices and Services), machines, plants and other devices can be reached remotely and their operating data transmitted. INSYS icom masters the advancing digitalisation with its expert knowledge of this complex subject area. The company has set itself the goal of continuously developing innovations for industrial data communication and networking and works passionately every day to achieve this. The leading manufacturer in the energy and water supply segment also positions itself as a premium partner in the field of mechanical engineering. Customer proximity in all its forms is the foundation for the regionally rooted and cosmopolitan company.

“From literally a world of choices, we ultimately decided to partner with CITIC Telecom CPC on the strength of their multidimensional expertise,” said David Sukowatey, Product Manager, Managed Services of INSYS icom. “We are extremely impressed by their teams’ extensive resources and knowledge across crucial technology and business-related areas. Not only are we benefiting from CITIC Telecom CPC’s superb networking and cloud solutions, their professional staff are also instrumental in helping us navigate various other complex technical, business and regulatory challenges, in particular with deployment in regions.”

Scaling Up Beyond Europe with Trusted Partner

INSYS icom’s manufacturing industry customers build and deliver machinery to their own customers’ manufacturing plants worldwide. To enable these IIoT machines to communicate, INSYS icom developed a turnkey communications system combining local area networking (LAN), cellular communications (using SIM cards), and dedicated VPN services, allowing customers to deploy and operate their machines anywhere easily. This comprehensive IIoT communications solution was extremely successful in the European market, and INSYS icom decided to expand into Asia to sustain this growth momentum. Scaling up beyond Europe meant new milestone for the company, not only regarding the broader geographic coverage (including mobile connectivity), but also the capability of establishing a reliable IIoT infrastructure to support global connectivity and address complex global-local laws and regulations. As the selected partner, CITIC Telecom CPC is facilitating INSYS icom in this business growth initiative via both technological and business assistance.

In technical areas, CITIC Telecom CPC’s flagship enterprise solutions support both the connectivity expansion to Asia (including mainland China), and the need to address in-country regulatory requirements. Specifically, high-performance TrueCONNECT(TM) Premium (VPLS), CITIC Telecom CPC’s award-winning fully meshed and highly redundant Ethernet-based private network service, is linking up INSYS icom’s European headquarters and diverse IIoT devices located in other regions, including Asia and mainland China. IIoT applications operate in mission-critical environments and require robust networks with high availability and low latency.

TrueCONNECT(TM) Premium’s high reliability and performance underpin this crucial connectivity and pave the way for INSYS icom to launch a new offering of its icom Connectivity Suite which enables customers to configure machinery anywhere and deploy it globally to achieve even higher productivity and cost efficiency. New 7x24x365 emergency support hotline services have also been launched, again supported by TrueCONNECT(TM) Premium’s superb reliability.

Additionally, INSYS icom is using the flexibility and agility of the SmartCLOUD(TM) cloud computing platform to facilitate and store data in proximity to deployed IIoT devices. It ensures rapid access and enhanced service productivity, as well as complies with local requirements such as GDPR and China MLPS 2.0. stipulating data sovereignty specifications.

With decades of extensive technical and business experience, CITIC Telecom CPC’s competence spans multiple domains across technology, business, government, culture, and geography. Through this partnership, INSYS icom is leveraging CITIC Telecom CPC’s thriving technological and business ecosystem, including ample local resources in Asia and China, to overcome an intricate technical and regulatory landscape and virtually any challenge.

“We strive to provide a full stack of services and resources to support INSYS icom substantial businesses success in their endeavors,” said Jacky Kwok, Chief Commercial Officer, CITIC Telecom CPC. “We are serious about our service commitment. The team has cultivated an immense knowledge base, experience, and other resources to assist them in multiple dimensions.”

With CITIC Telecom CPC’s services and expertise, INSYS icom is now continuing to develop other new applications and extend functionality for customers within existing markets and new geographies. Both companies have exhibited strong resonance with a corporate culture of continuous innovation and commitment to quality, with the aim to transform technical potentials into real-world positive impact for customers.

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We are CITIC Telecom International CPC Limited (“CITIC Telecom CPC”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of CITIC Telecom International Holdings Limited (SEHK: 1883), serving multinational enterprises the world over by addressing their specific ICT requirements with highly scalable tailored solutions built upon our flagship technology suites, comprising TrueCONNECT(TM) private network solutions, TrustCSI(TM) information security solutions, DataHOUSE(TM) cloud data center solutions, and SmartCLOUD(TM) cloud computing solutions.

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